Tuna Salad Sandwich w/ Olives, Avocado, & Lettuce

Some may wonder why I started a blog. It has been an evolution of necessity. I started on Facebook in August of 2014 I wanted to join a safe canning group my friend, Anita, recommended. I found out I liked taking pictures of the canning I was learning and entering the group contests. Which let me to the surprising conclusion that I like taking food pictures. I like remembering what I made, it helped me see it after the fact. Because as we all know once it's on the table it's pretty much obliterated in 15 minutes. This blog came into existence with the Food In Jars Challenge came about in January. I wanted to be able to submit a link to more than a Facebook post.

I also found out that I make many meals for me alone, as I can not eat the same meals as my family a lot of the time. If I did not have my followers to share with I'd simply throw something unappealing on the plate just so I was not hungry. Today, for example. I sent my family out of the house to a wonderful Chinese restaurant I no longer want to go to, I can not eat there without consequence. I was so relieved when they did not fight me on it. I hate not going, but I hate getting sick even more. I knew my mother in law and her 88-year-old brother both have been wanting to go, so I excused myself and push the lot out the door.

So here I am waiting for them to return. I had to make lunch and I was delighting in what I could share and photograph for my friends. Here is my version of Tuna Salad. It has all the things I love. Lettuce, avocado, olives, and tuna (with mayonnaise) on a 21-grain toasted slice of bread. I devoured it, thanks to you all, or this would have been far less satisfying. You force me to think of a way to make things that are appealing and delicious at the same time.

~ Hugs from Mum



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