The Hills are Alive w/ Sheep, Ducks, Chickens, a Donkey & Friends

If I run away from home this is where you will find me, Shalom Engedi Farm. I have already measured the garden shed and it will be my new Tiny house abode.

This is the home of a dear friend. Suffice to say she is someone I deeply appreciate and admire, my canning and preserving mentor.

When Anita asks me if I want chickens this year she means how many do I want her to grow for me. When she tells me they will be ready in late August, she means ready for processing and the freezer.

So when I tell you I know the origins of the chickens I cook, this is the reason why. I will confess I can not solely consume from this source, but if I make broth or any special meals, these are the birds I use. I would use only Anita's birds but we consume at least 50 birds a year.

Lamb I also buy from Shalom Engedi farm. My family does not eat that much lamb, but when we do it is from this farm. Get to know your local food producers. Support them, it's better for everyone when you do.

I buy as many eggs from here as I can carry when I go visit.  Here are the duck and chicken eggs:

Occasionally, I also have purchased Duck so that at Christmas I can have my traditional duck dinner. I am hoping one day the farm will host a few Geese so that I can have a goose come Christmas one year.

I love this wonderful place and this wonderful lady and her family. I am blessed to be able to go and visit them. I hope you enjoyed it with me. Now you know I truly do support locally produced food.

~  Hugs from Mum


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