Fun w/ Cream Cheese - Cream Cheese w/ Winged Radishes

I was on my favorite websites yesterday morning, browsing while caressing my coffee assistant, whence I came across a post by a Danish blogger for smoked cheese and radishes on rye. I have never seen this cheese in Ontario. I have seen a smoked Oka cheese at a restaurant show once, but never in a store I frequent. I decided that I must address this once favorite childhood sandwich that very day.

I think cream cheese is a fantastic food friend that can be dressed up and ready to go at a moments notice. I keep a few blocks in the fridge or freezer all the time. In the case of a cheesecake emergency.

Like this one, cheesecake tarts:

I am lactose sensitive so I am careful how much I cook with it but you know what? Sometimes you just have to indulge. Side note, I am paying today for the misstep. Still, I am not sorry, it was so worth it.

I have the greatest blessing of retirement at my disposal, time. Time is a treasure. So when I am going to make something I always want to make it memorable, picture worthy, and interesting. A digital footprint is as important as your real life's footprint. It actually will live forever, unlike us.

I took out the cheese and warmed a portion in the microwave, perhaps 1/4 cup till it was soft. Then I stirred in finely chopped chives from my garden. I also added some lemon juice and salt. I made the cream cheese a consistency I liked. Then I took out my mandolin and sliced a nice fresh radish into thin rounds. Radish and chives love each other. Take them for a spin and you'll see what I mean. I like 21-grain bread from crazy killer bread, and I find it sits well in the tummy. So one slice of toast and a cookie cutter and voila little rounds to play with.

I hope you try it, maybe at a party for friends as an appetizer.

~ Hugs from Mum


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