The Best Fish & Chips Ever - w/ Good Beer, Of Course!

Thanks to Leasa Ryan-Janssen for the recipe for this fabulous Fish batter. It was fast, easy and amazingly delicious.

I do not like deep frying. My mother did shallow fry but never deep-fried anything. I learned in school and I was fine doing it there but at home, I just don't feel comfortable with the sputtering of a deep pan of oil on the stove. Then Leasa posted an amazing picture on Facebook of her beer-battered cod and I was drooling. Leasa is an amazing from scratch cook and she was more than happy to share her batter recipe and I have her permission to share.


1 C flour
1 C beer
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Dry cod thoroughly. Mix ingredients. Dredge fish and fry in peanut oil for 4 minutes exactly.

I made mine with sweet potato fries in my air fryer. Next time I will make coleslaw as well. I made a simple tartar sauce from mayonnaise and relish ( it was more than good ).

The good part was I was also able to consume the remainder of the beer, something Mum does not drink often. It used to be a favorite beverage of mine. I learned about many local beers in class one day, it was a delicious lesson. The beer I used for the batter was a Stock Top. I will never be able to communicate how much I learned in Culinary College. I can only hope to influence every young person to go to school! It is a priceless thing, education.

See Stock Top Beer? It was so tasty.

~ Hugs from Mum


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