Here Fishy Fishy Fishy - Cod in Butter Sauce!

"Here Fishy Fishy--" Imagine me calling that out from my front door as I stood there eagerly awaiting the arrival of my precious order of fish...much to my daughter's embarrassment.

I was not motivated to cook anything yesterday. My stomach said "you better be careful after what you did to me" and I was tired and disappointed in a meal I had started to make earlier.

That meal was a Tandoori Fish ( pause for effect ) it was an epic fail. I keep hoping I can manage to eat spice, but one bite and it was all over. I nearly had a panic attack when the heat started to creep up my throat. It was not anywhere near the spice level I use to be able to enjoy  ( Parsi cooking ) but it was enough in today's "don't eat that it will kill you" category to send ripples of fear down my spine. No one tells you about all the things you will be giving up as you age, spice was another one for me. Just like Rocky Balboa said, "I have to keep giving things up as time passes."

Then as the afternoon progressed, I realized I had taken out some Cod earlier when the haddock-from-hell experiment occurred. I had to cook something with it so I quick-fried the filet after a light flour dredge, just long enough to get some color. I then submerged it in my beloved "cream and garlic butter sauce" and threw some parmesan on top and baked it for 15 minutes. I had some almost over the hill cauliflower in the fridge so I boiled it along with some almost empty bags of frozen vegetables. I grabbed some avacado, tomato and made a salsa. The results were redemptive.

The Sauce:

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cream
1-2 teaspoons lemon
2 minced cloves garlic salt and pepper to taste
1 -2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

Melt the butter, add the cream. Mix add the remaining ingredients and stir. Cover fish and bake.

I am always amazed at how good this sauce is. It is from a recipe by "recipe Tin eats," I change it up a little but this is so good I will use it often.

~ Hugs from Mum

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