Heavenly Kedgeree - Whitefish, Eggs, Red Chili, Cilantro, & Madras Curry Paste

Hubby loves this Kedgeree. This is his plate, no fish in his:

I keep forgetting how delicious this recipe is. Then hubby will request it for family dinner on Sundays. It has a few steps but it is so worth it. I made fish and chips on Saturday and had white Icelandic cod left over so I made that in the kedgeree for three of us who eat fish and removed the remaining portions for hubby and my daughter without fish. I first saw this on a Christmas special by Jamie Oliver so it is my adaptation of that recipe.

White Fish  - I use Cod ( Jamie Oliver used smoked fish )

2-4 Eggs depending on the number of people
1 whole fresh  bunch of Cilantro
2 red chillis deseeded and sliced in very small circles
Rice- depending on amount of people
1 or 2 Large white Onions chopped small
Lemon - juice 
1 Big Tablespoon Madras Curry paste

Cook rice and rinse.

Poach fish. Boil eggs. Can be done in the same pan. 

Chop onion fine. Add to hot pan with butter. Add the one red chili. Add cilantro, stems cut small. Cook through till a wonderful brown paste. Add curry paste, one big heaping tablespoon. Stir, fry for a few minutes. The longer you cook it, the sweeter it becomes. So low and slow is best in this step.

Add cooked rice and eggs (cut into 1/4  pieces). Add flaked cooked fish in pieces to become part of the rice mixture.  Squeeze lemon juice over. Add some sliced red chili and cilantro leaves, put back on fire and toast till amalgamated. Serve. 

I will have this for dinner as a leftover next day with some extra fish, it is so good. I always squirrel away a portion for that reason. 


~ Hugs from Mum


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