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Mushrooms w/ Beans - A Healthy and Economic Meal

I found a BIG box of button mushrooms in the refrigerator, again forgotten all week. I do love them but sometimes I forget they are there. Then a BIG cutting and fine slicing event happened and the results are delicious. Mushrooms shrink a lot, so a big box is gone in one meal. Hubby eats them straight out of the pan, crispy brown edges and all. It would have been easy to make a nice mushroom sauce from them too, but I digress.

This new set of recipes is destined to become my "Cannellini Series" because I am testing so many recipes using this method and product. It's becoming a regular star of my evening meal.

These canned beans are not expensive. They are easy to find, they are attractive, and they are ever so delicious. The sauce they can create is creamy and smooth, so I suggest if you want a new table star you start trying these out. I know every Italian cook already know, but I was denied the blessing of being born Italian, so I am happy it did find me eventually.

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