Baked Salmon w/ Scrambled Chive Eggs & Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Yesterday I had a nice little Salmon filet defrosted. I did not know what cooking method I would use but eventually, I baked it as it coincided with some tomatoes I wanted to roast. I also raided the garden for my first sweet peas of the season and cut them ( 2  little peas ) fine so I could have a taste.

I am in the decision-making phase about a second small oven just because of this quandary of "small dish needs to bake" versus "huge oven waste of space and energy." I dislike frying as you may have seen from the recipes I use. I like baking fish. I have a small toaster oven, but the heat is uneven, and who wants to get sick, not me. The toaster oven is great for a fast reheat or toast, but I think it is time to get serious about a small counter top oven. The world is changing, we need better smaller appliances that use less energy. Really, friends, I ask you who needs that big oven? Not me, I make small amounts of food. The big oven is for making big family dinners for more than 5 people in my opinion. I need a small oven. Since I won't be rebuilding my kitchen I have to find an alternative. Rant over. Oh, and I have found the solution but it is expensive so that's a rant for another time.

I had some tomatoes that I wanted to roast, so I once again mumbled under my breath that I did not need this big oven, and proceeded to heat the kitchen up ( in summer ) by turning the oven on. I roasted the tomatoes at 325* and since I wanted the salmon baked, I added it into the oven on a foil boat and baked it for 18 minutes.

I added a thin layer of breadcrumbs to the salmon once I covered it in a little mustard/mayonnaise. The eggs were fluffy and soft. I don't like rubber eggs, so I cook them till they barely set, then turn off the heat and toss gently. Eggs should melt in your mouth, apparently, that's the French way too.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes:

5-6  Roma tomatoes halved
4-5 garlic cloves chopped or slivered
Olive oil to drizzle
Salt and pepper to taste


Please scoop out the middle of the tomato, it makes it so much easier to roast the oil and garlic. Inside the tomato becomes a little boat of flavor. I roast at 325* until I smell the divine toastiness. Approximately 40-50 minutes. I keep all the oil and juice that escapes. It is amazing liquid tomato gold to add to things. Now, remember these tomatoes are good as is and added to salads warm or cold they are amazing. They can be blended and made into a lovely soup base too.

Here are the ones I made yesterday in a bowl from the fridge:

The oil in the bottom is a perfume of garlic and tomato. I will be thinking of ways to add this to whatever meal I make today. Perhaps pureed and added to hamburger meat, or warmed and added to a bun with a hamburger on it. I am smiling thinking of ways to use it, and all from a few tomatoes and garlic.

I hope you enjoy it.

~ Hugs from Mum


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