Berries are Summer's Blessing - Making Jam for the Cold Winter Days

There they were. Blueberries sad blueberries, a quart jar of pitted cherries my husband had not eaten, and two clusters of black grapes. So it became another jamming session. Mum hates waste.

I added 2 cups sugar and 1/2 a lemon juiced. Into my most favorite pan of all time my Le Creuset 3-quart saucier pan. I had my Pomona's pectin supplies at the ready.

I cooked it all down slowly because I actually wanted a nice thick jam/compote style berry spread:

It was a wonderful surprise when it slowly cooked down to this thick sauce. I added the calcium and the pectin and this morning it set beautifully. I processed this batch and decided I better buy a small batch pot soon like the one Melissa uses on Food in Jars website. I think it is an asparagus poacher pot, but it is perfect for a few jars of jam at a time.

I will be enjoying this in the cold winter mornings to come.  I always have a small amount left over and I keep that aside for enjoying the next morning.  I had some on toast, it was outstanding.

#fijchallenge #berryjam


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