I Need a Map, Where is Alaska? Roadtrip, Anyone?

Icelandic Cod has become my favorite meal. I have three seafood meals a week--minimum--and somehow this fish ends up on my plate every time. I sourced it from www.Seafoodonline.ca in Ontario and I am very very happy with their service and products. I, of course, do not order any farmed fish or fish from Asia. My supplier has the highest standards and defends their farmed Salmon from Scotland and the Canadian east coast. But I studied further and still feel it is not something I will order. 

Our American friends have it within their grasp to order wild caught salmon from Alaska, and I highly recommend it based on my studies. I admire the Alaskan fisheries and government for making farmed salmon illegal in their waters. So I purchase the packet shown below from Costco, 37.00 for this bag, which is the only place I can find it in Canada that does not need a gold doubloon to buy. I asked my supplier for it, but they said and I quote "we buy it from our Canadian fisherman and they fish the same waters as Alaskan fisherman." Yup, but I can't afford 28.00 a pound, with one fillet being 1.5- 3 pounds, I can't afford 90.00 plus delivery charges for a 3-pound filet. I tell you I am buying a cottage in the northern most tip of  British Columbia so I can fish for my own halibut and salmon and send it home so I can eat clean food for the year. 

I know that truth in advertisement puts me a risk, but I trust Costco to have the products we want and they are as labeled. As a consumer, I am at their mercy ( aren't we all ). 

I can't help myself, I have to stay on my soapbox a little longer to make this point. The less fortunate among us are in harms way far more than the fortunate who can afford to invest in higher quality foods. I never forget that though I am writing about these issues, there are so many innocent people who simply can't afford to eat well. I say " shame on the system that excludes the vulnerable" and poisons us all for money. Ok rant done. 

Let me end by saying. My Blog is my opinion. My studies have lead to these conclusions. They may not be yours and that's ok too. I feel it is my job as Mum to protect and educate, and yell, there is always a lot of yelling when you are a mom, oh, and swearing under your breath. 

~ Hugs from Mum

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