Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

I  use my slow cooker a great deal. I personally prefer meats cooked in a slow cooker versus a pressure cooker. I find that a pressure cooker, though fast, leaves meat either tough or shredded. The meat I cook in a cooker--whatever that might be--is always soft and succulent.

With this particular meal, I used a small eye of round roast. I cut the pieces into round thick slices, then into cubes. I find buying a roast and using it for different types of meals is more economical. It also lets me know the section of beef is all from the same muscle. I think the only prerequisite to purchasing large cuts of beef would be to have a sharp chefs knife. Please, my friends, invest in a sharp knife. You really cannot cook safely or efficiently without one.

I do the same with pork. I will buy a loin when it is on sale and butcher it out myself. I make pulled pork in the slow cooker, as should you. It tends to itself all day and you enjoy a feast for dinner. It also freezes really well. Pictured below:

 Back to the beef:

When the Beef Stroganoff on the plate above began, I was not sure what I was making. I was a little tired that day so I dusted the beef cubes with salt pepper and flour and browned them. I added them to the slow cooker with a cup of beef broth topped with some finely sliced onion. I let it cook for 4 hours before I knew what alchemy would transpire.

By the time the meat was almost soft, the magical process of transformation could commence. I took out two cans of mushroom soup and added them to the cooker. I did not thin the soup as the juice in the pot is enough for this recipe. Canned soup is not normally what I use, nevertheless some days I am just plain tired so I use what I have.

I find this method works beautifully. Add a final touch of cream and you are done. I served this meal with egg noodles.

Because the meal is mostly white and brown, I suggest you add a little tomato salsa on the plate and perhaps some parsley.

~ Hugs from Mum


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