Brioche French Toast

Brioche is a beautiful light, yellow-ish bread made with quite a few eggs and copious amounts of butter.

I will add the link on making brioche below in this post. I made this recipe yesterday because I wanted to practice my technique and enjoy the rich bread.

Once we--as students--leave school, we tend to forget everything we learned except what we use on a regular basis. Making brioche is one of those things for me, that is why I decided it was time to try it again.

Once the loaf of bread was baked, I wanted to see what a nice french toast with berries would taste like. Since my husband was cutting the lawn for the last time this season, he deserved a beautiful lunch.

I only made 2 slices of toast so the amounts in the recipe reflect that.


1 egg
1/4 cup milk
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt


I added the egg, milk, and cinnamon to a small mason jar and shook the heck out of it (ahem, after putting on the lid). Place the contents in a nice flat plate and submerge the bread so it can soak up the juice, and commence to fry. Once bread is nicely brown, remove and enjoy. Oh, and if you can, drizzle a little Canadian Maple Syrup on the delicious decadence.

I put the custard mix in a mason jar because it is easier to place it in the fridge if I am not ready to fry yet. It is also easy to clean and if I have leftovers, I can save the mixture for another slice of toast, add it to a pancake batter, or use it in the future bread pudding mixture I'll likely get the picture. I don't like bowls in the fridge since I am more likely to knock it over, and a mason jar stands up to the shoving around I do. I also label most jars because when you are my age you forget whats in them--and more importantly when you put it in there.

Here is the recipe for the bread:

I hope this post finds you well and happy.

~ Hugs from Mum


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