Alexandra Stafford's No-Knead Bread - Review by Cookin Mum

Here is my review of this style of no-knead peasant bread. Yes, it works, it is easy, it tastes good, it can be adapted easily, and it is a fast recipe.

The assembly is fast, and stirring ingredients together was no problem.

It rises fast, and the only trick is dividing it in two. It is very sticky.

Then into a receptacle of choice:

Because it was so sticky and wet, I could not weight it and split it evenly.

It could have stayed a few minutes longer in the oven but it was fully baked. It is very reminiscent of wonderbread. Soft, white, and spongy. My tastes are more in hardy pieces of bread. I like rye bread and pumpernickel, for example, so a spongy bread is not my personal preference. This bread comes together fast and bakes fast all in about 2 hours. I make my own white bread in 3 hours start to finish. But I think you would like it. Let me know if you make it.

Here is a link to the original recipe:

~ Hugs from Mum


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