Danish Million Dollar Beef - Frugal & Delicious

I adapted this recipe from a Danish website I frequent called the "food aunts." I have been trying to reacquaint myself with the Danish language, I was born in Copenhagen. It's been quite an experience trying to read something in a long forgotten tongue. This is a delicious, frugal meal.


1/2 pound ground beef ( I used lean ) 
1-2  large onions sliced and diced to smaller peace ( I used a big red onion) 
1-2 cups sliced mushrooms ( I used approximately 2 cups because I like mushrooms) 
3 tablespoons bacon drippings to fry the onions and mushrooms, you can use butter or fat of choice. 
3 tablespoons flour
Beef broth to cover and simmer ( you can easily use water, the original recipe did) 
1 tablespoon of gravy browning liquid


Add the bacon drippings to a big pan, wide enough to hold all the ingredients and cook in one pot. I used a big fry pan. Add the onions and brown up till wilted nicely, scrape to the side. Add the mushrooms, I like mine wonderfully golden and tasty so I let them fry for a while. Scape the mushrooms to the side with the onions. Add the beef and again fry till no longer pink, and in my case, I like to get a crispy edge on it. Now scrape everything together in the pan and let them cook for a minute or so. Add the flour over top of the mixture and cook it into the mixture. Once incorporated pour beef broth over everything and let it simmer for 20 minutes. 

At this point, you can add some paprika, onion powder, salt, and pepper if you like, to taste. If the meat mixture is not thick enough ( mine was ) a roux of water and flour can be stirred in while the meat mixture is at a steady simmer, stir to incorporate. As the meat mixture thickens to your taste add one tablespoon gravy coloring to darken the sauce. In my pictures, I did not add the gravy coloring, but the recipe does say to use it. 

I loved this served over rice, but it's meant for mashed potatoes:

I hope you like it.

~ Hugs from Mum


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