Mushroom & Pork Chop Dinner Made Two Ways

I am a pasta person. I love how it so easily accepts companions and by doing so lifts a meal to new heights.

This meal came about because I had these ingredients:

1. Fresh mushrooms
2. Cooked pork loin chops
3. Egg noodles.

The night before I had made pork loin medallions from a pork loin roast, which is easier and cheaper than buying pork chops. I cut the medallions and placed them flat in a casserole dish. I then sliced enough fresh mushrooms to cover them. Once they were done, I cook them to an internal temperature of 165* ( when they are nice and brown), then I covered the entire casserole dish with mushroom soup. I did not thin the soup, I only added the liquid from the now cooked pork loin. This mixture baked until the sauce was a nice brown and bubbling on top. I served this dinner with rice. I usually make jasmine rice but I am out so I served it with Basmati rice. Below is a picture of it. It is delicious and my family loves it but I did not think it's pretty enough for a post of its own.

Then the next day, I was solo for dinner and realized I had some leftover pork chops in the fridge. As you know, that means I will have that for dinner. No waste in this house if at all possible.

I still had fresh mushrooms so I prepared them by frying them in butter and made a nice cream sauce in the same pan. If I had had white wine, I would have added some.

I then took one pork medallion, sliced it thin, and added it to the sauce to warm. I made two cups of egg noodles and once cooked, I added them to the mushrooms and sauteed.

I plated the meal with some parsley flakes and grated lemon rind. It was delicious.

In conclusion, remember to use your leftovers. When you cook dinner, make more than you need and use leftovers for a second dinner that same week. Stretch meals with vegetables. Mushrooms and pork are good together. I discovered my method for this dish some 30 years ago when I overcooked pork chops and found them looking like crispy bacon all curled up. After a good cry, I decided I'd add a can of mushroom soup and hide the disaster and put it back in the oven to amalgamate. The brown ( not black ) chops and the fond in the pan made a fantastic brown mushroom sauce. The meat was basically falling apart tender in the sauce. That is why I bake the pork chop first until it is done and brown.

I hope you are well and your life is a joy.

~ Hugs from Mum


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