Don't Phone It In, Make A Salad!

After our Canadian Thanksgiving lasagna feast on Sunday, I was a little worn out so Monday I made a simple breaded chicken breast with mushrooms, tomato, and corn. Normally I would make the cutlets into schnitzels but I was, as I said, a little tired. Here is a picture of it, I also made a simple barbeque sauce for dipping seen on top of the chicken:

Look at that wonderful, giant tomato!

Anyway, the next day I was solo for dinner. I had some leftovers from the above meal and decided that I could convert it fairly easily to a cold dinner salad.

In the first picture, you see that conversion. Pretty nice, right? Well, I know what you must be thinking "why such as fuss for a meal for myself ? I never do that!" Friends, that's why I do it. If you can, and you have an extra minute, why not spoil yourself as much as you spoil others? You are worth it. You work hard and you need to sit down in front of a delicious meal. Make it restaurant worthy so you can really enjoy it. One of the pleasures of dining is in the appreciation of the meal and the effort it took to prepare. Pour a glass of white wine and turn on some soothing music, then enjoy. The day is done and this is a moment of reward and contemplation.

The salad is exactly the same meal as the night before just converted and plated cold. I added a few scant thin slices of gouda cheese and a 1/4 slice of black forest ham. The lettuce is from Sundays dinner. I could not finish the whole plate so I asked my daughter to have the rest. So I guess that says this is a two person portion :) I make meals from common ingredients because I want to show simple things we can all make.

I live and cook with the seasons of Ontario where the summers are hot, the fall weather is crisp, and the winters are cold and blustery. It is October and the weather is slowly changing.

My birch is finally going to sleep, as you can see from the photo above. Soon so will the maple tree out in the front of my home.

Ontario is a beautiful, amazing place. Look at the countryside just a few minutes away.

I hope you are all enjoying the changing of the seasons and are having as much joy as I am preparing delicious meals for myself and my family.

~ Hugs from Mum


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