Making Food Look Interesting - Cantaloupe w/ Granola, Yogurt, & Pear

One thing I have noticed is I get bored with my meals if they do not look interesting. I love the way buffets and meals were presented on the cruises I've been on. I also love the way a high-end restaurant can put a plate of fruit and yogurt together so it looks so much better than what I make in the kitchen. But let's think about that for a moment. It's the same food. It is just put together in a different way--and frankly, in a much smaller portion.

I learned that in school. Portion size was important. I put too much food on the plate and Chef reminded me of that every time we had a black box exam. In restaurants, I know it's about aesthetics but it is also about costs. I, however, like the idea of smaller portions for weight management, presentation, and food conservancy.

As a side note, I know I digress but when I was in Kiev I was amazed by the small portions I observed the patrons in food courts eating. Might I now also add that the women are ALL stunning in Kiev, maybe that is why. It was like a walking tour of beauty. Regardless of their age, they were stunning, well-dressed, and kind. I follow the Instagram feed on the Culinary Institute in Kiev, it is just amazing. Take a look some time.

Now back on topic: I made some Bhel chili granola again, I'll add the link below, and while it was in the oven I saw I needed to cut up a whole cantaloupe I had on the counter. I recalled a recipe in a book I am currently reading by Brigit Binns and thought of her description of a cantaloupe with blue cheese and pasta salad. It inspired me so the picture above is the result.

It is a cantaloupe ring with yogurt and granola in the center, half a pear, and some chocolate shavings. It looks pretty, right? Well normally, I would just add it all to a bowl and call it a day but this is the same thing just made pretty.

Below is the link to the granola I made:

Well, that is my chat for today. I hope this post finds you all happy and well.

~ Hugs from Mum


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