Transforming a Top Sirloin Roast - Shish Kebobs, Stewing Beef, and Steaks

My Freezer has been emptied of beef now. I purchased a quarter beef last fall and by April or May, I had cooked it all. I now know I need to order a half this fall if I want to make it to last one year.

That is the reason I went to Costco this week to purchase some beef. I found some wonderful Top Sirloin Roasts. Two to be exact. Each cost about 40.00. I brought it home and set about cutting it into steaks, stewing beef, and small cubes for Shish Kebob. I recently discovered the confidence to butcher out meats myself. It is probably because of my year in Culinary College. 

When you go to pick a roast, take a close look at the end, it will show you how the meat runs. I found only one that looked like a middle section ( a full round piece of meat in the interior )  so that one I sliced into steaks once I trimmed it. They were perfect. The other roast had a center line, so I sliced it apart on that line and made the top longer pieces into cubes, and the smaller round section below that into smaller steaks. Trust me it is a lot less expensive than buying the actual steaks. 

My husband was not so sure I knew what I was doing spending so much on two roasts, but today he had BBQ Shish Kebob and drooled the whole time he was eating. If we were to order the meal I made today at a Restaurant I am sure it would easily have cost 40-50 dollars. Therefore I feel I saved us quite a pretty penny. I also did a few shrimp on the BBQ so all in all I know everyone was happy.

My meal was salad and beef, the shrimp disappeared before I took the picture.


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