Fish and Greens Can Make You Skinny

No one tells you that eating fish and vegetables can help you lose weight. A few months ago my diabetes took a turn for the worse and my dietitian gave me a strict diet to follow for a month while I "food logged." After a month, my numbers were back to where they belonged and I had lost 8 pounds. My dietitian asked me what had happened on certain mornings that my numbers were way lower. You guessed it, I had fish and vegetables the night before. The above picture is Haddock lightly fried with a flour coating. The vegetables are green beans and kale, spinach, collards, and chestnuts. It was very filling and tasty.

Above is Haddock on pasta, delicious. I eat less pasta these days.

I was born in Copenhagen and I grew up eating ocean fish. In Ontario however, there are no fresh fish vendors ( I trust )  and most stores carry fish frozen and shipped from, questionable places ( unregulated places) and it is not from my own country or even from the beautiful United States and their oceans. Keep in mind that when I was 8 years old I would go to the fish store with a note and money to buy fish for Mom. The fishmonger took them out of a tub and slaughtered them in front of me, and when I got home and mom fried them they curled up on the pan because the muscles were still aware. So since becoming landlocked fresh fish is not an option,  and I have become used to not eating it. So I know about fish and love eating them fresh.

Salmon and Eggs are a great combination too. Try it. Anyway on with the story.

Now fast forward 55 years and I have to eat fish for my own health. My family does not eat fish. So it has become a mission to find fish from Canada or Norway or the USA. It took me a long time, and it was very hard to source. I could scream, how can it be so hard to find safe fish that our own fishermen have caught in our oceans? Enough said. I did find some Haddock at Costco from Canada so that is what I have been eating for 2 months now until I could find a reliable alternative. After all, what is the point of eating fish that is poisoned and sick and not regulated if I need to get well?

When this first began I was at the Diabetes clinic at my appointment was a nurse and a dietitian,  I looked at them both like they had two heads when they said to solve a lot of  my health issues I should "eat fish" I asked them " where do you expect me to find un-poisonous fish? " they both looked away sheepishly. Well, thanks, ladies that is great advice, now tell me, do you expect me to move to the ocean so I can get it right off the boats?

Regardless, I have now found a source online that I am fairly confident I can trust. I have ordered from them and we will see what I get next week. I have ordered Red Snapper, Halibut, and
Haddock. If it as I hope, I will have solved the crisis, and I can tell you all about it.


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