The Magic of Smoothies

The magic begins. I purchased a  Magic Bullet Single Shot.

So I was at the local Canadian Tire store looking for a BBQ cover when suddenly I veered. Hubby always shakes his head when I veer because it means whatever I am looking for ( or just wandering past ) it is highly likely something will catch my eye and cost us more than we planned on ( he planned on ) spending. He is fond of saying things like " we came in for bananas, and look now how the cart is full." That is why he likes it when I send him alone with a list, he only brings what I write down. Well, guess what happened. Hubby saw a small smoothie maker. It was not a brand I liked, yet right next to it was a magic bullet single shot. My dearest is fond of post workout smoothies. I, however, am not fond of the mess and cleaning my big blender, and frankly, my big-boy blender does not do as good a job on a small load as a big one. So there it was a perfect little blender, easy to use and easy to teach him ( *cough* *cough* as if ) and far less mess. I also wanted my Dearest daughter to be able to handle making her own without much fuss. Turns out......I love it. It is a perfect little kitchen helper. I can throw together a smoothie at a moments notice for both my lovies, or myself ( turns out ) and the jar is the cup and easy peeze to clean.

Today I made myself a blueberry, strawberry, peach, yogurt smoothie with a spoonful of cottage cheese, and a little milk. It was lovely and filling. I add cottage cheese to all my smoothies to add protein and thicken it a little. I made the same one for my husband but added honey and a little protein powder to his. I like to have frozen fruit on hand for just such drinks. Yesterday I made him a Mango Lassi in the afternoon, and he loved it. I see a summer full of delicious drinks.


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