Mission Fig Jam w/ Orange Rind - Bring On the Cheese Platter!

Honestly, I am in heaven. Cue the angel music. The season of fruit is upon us. I wait patiently all winter for this season. I dream about it and I plan for it. Unfortunately, sometimes I can miss the ever so small window of opportunity for some of the spectacular produce as in the case of California Mission Figs. I did get a 9.00 tray from the store but they were a week or so past the ideal moment of splendor. So when the product is too to ripe you make jam. I am diabetic, as you know, so jam is a luxury I seldom allow myself. A small dollop of jam on some melty soft cheese with walnuts ( yum ) That is not too crazy, right? I cannot wait.

So this afternoon, out came the saucier pan and off we went. I lost a few figs overnight but I ended up with about a pound. I cleaned them and quartered them. There are many important rules to making jams and preserves and I will put the link for fig jam below. Please only can safely by the rules. Never invent a recipe and never excuse your lack of knowledge. Water bath canning and pressure canning are scientific processes, do not improvise. In my case, I used the recipe in the link and I will keep the jars in the fridge as I do not intend to put them on a shelf for a year. So they are not processed.

I ended up with two 250ml jars of fig jam. It is so delicious I can barely contain myself. Now comes the plan for what to use it in. Perhaps a cake? Muffins? On a cheese plate? On top of baked brie with walnuts? All delicious options.

Now for the link to a safe recipe:


I hope you enjoy it let me know if you make it.  #fijchallenge

~ Mum sends you hugs


  1. Where is the reference to the orange rind? How much? It is not in the NCHFP recipe.

    1. Hi Scott. I used about 1 teaspoon grated fresh orange rind. I knew I was not processing this batch, so I was casual with the measurements. I added it until the taste was to my liking basically. It is now residing in the fridge (for no more than a week ). I had it on toast this morning and guess what! it tastes like fig newton cookie centers :) Caning is such a precise science so unless it is in the NCFHP site I won't make it for the purpose of long term storage.


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