BBQ Tofu - Add It To The Grill

It struck me as I was about to BBQ some chicken for dinner. I had a lovely firm Tofu in the fridge. I am a grocery store explorer and had grabbed it for myself as I passed thinking it would e a great addition to some soup or other. I am careful with tofu because of its being made from soy beans, soy can increase estrogen levels if over consumed. However considering it is the foremost form of protein in many parts of the world I feel good about eating it.  After you remove the block from it packeting press it under something heavy to squeeze out some of the liquid. I left it on a plate with another plate on top for about 30 minutes.

My mother in law has recently become a regular at the dinner table and she dislikes just about all protein. Frankly, she is a little bird of a lady and I have the dickens of a time cooking for my family already and including things that can sustain a little bird with problems chewing and in need of sustenance has become another new quandary of mine.

It is hard to watch as our parents or the parent of a loved one suffer the loss of their spouse, aging is hard all on its own, but aging alone can be very sad and hard to watch. The picture below is from Pinterest.

Toughing out the storm without hiding from it... Endure. Grow. Believe. Soon the wind and rain will bring sun, warmth and the conditions necessary... to fly again.:

* Deep sigh * Anyway, on with my story.

I decided to BBQ the tofu along with the chicken. If my mother in law did not or could not eat the chicken perhaps I could tempt her with some tofu. I was happy with the look of it as it grilled, so I added some sweet and spicy Thai sauce at the end to add a little flavor and some sparkle. Remember that tofu has no flavor so it is a wonderful carrier of taste, which is why it is good in soups. I could not believe it when hubby and his mother both loved it, as did I. I think it would be a great alternative in a bun with some condiments. I hope you try it. 


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