Fried Red Snapper - Canadian Online Fish Supplier

I promised my friends that I would advise them when I had found a reliable Fish supplier.

I can not drive downtown to the bigger fish markets so local markets? Or online? After a lot of research, online it is.

My choice is I ordered online on a Sunday knowing they deliver overnight in the week. Regardless of fiddling with the list of fish, I wanted to try the delivery was 22.00 by UPS. I do not live far from the warehouse in Ontario by UPS standards. The fish arrived in a styrofoam container with dried ice. Well packaged and some partially frozen.

One product 4 pounds of Red Snapper was a solid block, I was not happy. That meant I had to defrost it partially to separate the fillets, food safety issues arise. Anyway, I now know to ask for the fillets to be separate even if frozen. I mentioned it to seafood online in an email and the next morning I found they had responded and refunded me 50% of the price of the red snapper. I was surprised and delighted at their efficiency and customer service.

I must say I will never get used to the fact that Halibut cost over 35.00 a pound and that Ocean Salmon cost closer to 50.00 dollars a pound. I can certain feel the change in times in my wallet from when I was younger. I will refrain from lamenting the huge issues related to sustainable fishing and farmed fishing and the export of so much of our local food to other countries while we can barely find certain Canadian products and if we do, we pay " Sunset Boulevard " prices for them.

So anyway...... I fried some red snapper in breadcrumbs and butter yesterday. A lemon and butter quick sauce and some grated orange peel sealed the deal. I had some fresh tomatoes so on the plate they went.  I used some chimichurri on it as well. I was tired or I'd have made a nice side dish. The fish was delicious and firm. Red snapper would be excellent in a fish stew or casserole. It holds together nicely. I have never cooked with it before so I am learning. I think I should make Kona Kafe fish stew with it next time and see how that goes.

Next adventure coming up, be safe and eat fish.



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