Fresh Garden Herb Omelette w/ Avocado Mayo & Parmesan

Nothing is more wonderful as a simple dinner using eggs and herbs from the garden for a quick dinner. I love growing season. It is such a blessing to be able to go outside and pick the freshest herbs, then walk into the house, rinse them, and grab some eggs.

My dream would be to have two chickens in the yard for fresh eggs but in the suburbs, that's not going to happen. I will have to go see my dearest farm friend, Anita and acquire a few dozen soon.

While I was out in my garden, I came upon a new recruit seed that had managed to peek out. I think it is a squash. It escapes me right now regardless of marking everything, I have been known to be overzealous and add more seeds than I intended. The germination has been a really good this year, just very slow because of the weather. If the wonders of nature do not make you breathless you won't understand my delight at seeing the seed still sticking to the stem. What a perfect teaching tool. I ran to get my daughter and said "see, proof!" plants come from seeds. She shook her head at her crazy mom. I will help it out in due course.

Back to my omelet. I used 3 eggs and a little milk for this recipe. Then a added all the herbs I picked. Mix and fry.

After I lifted it reverently out of the pan I added some shredded parmesan I had from the freezer. I also made a quick Avacado Mayonaise sauce for the top, instead of just plain mayonnaise which I love by the way. I used my magic bullet to make it:

2 avocados chopped
1/2 cup Mayo - more if you like
Salt and pepper to taste
Some herbs to taste
I thinned it with a little kefir ( buttermilk would work, so would yogurt )
and a few tablespoons lemon

Place in mixer and process. It was delicious.

Once again I am happy to report I am loosing weight as per my nutritionist's request, and today at my appointment with her, Debbie, said I was doing great. Please note the delicious meals I am having ( I said smiling ) yet my blood sugar numbers are good.


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