Kale Salad w/ Poached Alaskan Salmon!

Some plated foods are so beautiful you just know they will be delicious. I love pre-packaged Kale salad with the salad dressing and seeds already included. I first had it at a family event. I fell in love.

I did not use the seeds included in the package because I wanted to toast them, as the recipe I had in mind instructed. I saw this poached salmon recipe on Nigella last winter and I knew it had to be something I made for myself. I finally found the recipe and adapted it to fit what I had in the house.

I finally found Alaskan Salmon at Costco. It is not inexpensive, but well worth it. No farmed salmon for me.

First I poached the salmon in water, peppercorns, lime juice, and green onions. Bring the pan to boil and turn off the heat and cover. 7 minutes later it is done and you can flake it into anything. According to Nigella, it can be placed in the fridge at this point ( once cooled ) for three days. I used it right away.

Toast 3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds till they pop, I also toasted the cranberries I added 2 tablespoons or so.

Prepare the salad on a plate and add the dressing you choose. Cut up one avocado and add that as well, it was perfect for the salad.

Flake the salmon onto the salad and add the toasted seeds, cranberries, and avocado chunks. Honestly, it was heavenly. I made one 6 ounce salmon piece and I think I could have fed 2-3 people with this salad.

This is a wonderful meal, please make it.

~ Hugs from Mum

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