Baked Icelantic Cod in Lemon Herb Cream Sauce

It is like a treasure hunt every meal. The search through the labyrinth of online recipe treasures looking for something to make for my dinner that  "mind-tastes" wonderful. Yes, I know you're rolling your eyes but it is true I can taste most dishes before I make them. I have been cooking for fifty years, so it happens, ask your grandmother. When venturing into new areas--as I am now with seafood--it can be exhausting for me because it is expensive yet necessary.

I defrosted a huge filet of Icelandic Cod for dinner. As the only one in my household eating it, the portion was too much. I checked it for bones and found two or three and removed them. I realized too late that it was way too big so I put half back (another lesson for the future for myself " portion size") to finish defrosting in the fridge and made the rest in the oven with a lemon cream sauce. I adapted a recipe from this one it was very very good. I cannot have bread in the evening, but this recipe cries for no sauce to be left behind.

My adaptations were that I added fresh herbs from my garden and did not use the shallots. I also added far more butter than called for. The next time I make this I will likely thicken the sauce a little more. I am thinking a hollandaise based sauce would work wonderfully. I plated this fish on a bed of steamed vegetables, it easily lends itself to rice or potatoes. If you serve over potatoes make sure to use a nice parsley mix in the sauce.

The next morning my fasting numbers were perfect. This is a new thing I am finding. Fish at night for dinner settles my sugar numbers for the morning. Who knew? And who would tell you that? Only a dietitian.


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