What is a Shrub - Vinegar preserved Fruit

I honestly had never heard of Shrubs until this month's "Food In Jars Challenge." Isn't it wonderful when you discover a new food-related subject to study?

First, let me say I am not a huge fan of vinegar and it's tart kick but I do love glazes, salad dressings, and salsa so why not a fruit infused concentrate for the same purposes?

So off to the store I went. I bought some frozen cherries and blueberries for my first batch and later discovered in a Webinar ( by FIJ )  that they are not as good as fresh, but it is March and there are very few good fresh fruits in the market, most produce there have traveled farther than I have this winter. I went with the ratios in mind given for most shrubs. Equal parts fruit crushed with sugar water and vinegar. I used apple vinegar because that is what I had but could have used any type. After three days, I drained it into the bottle you see above. Now I will let it sit in the fridge and add it by tablespoon measures to dressings and other mediums I want to try.

Maybe a cup of hot water for a tart tea. It is very strong in flavor and I do not know if I like it yet. I have read it makes a great addition to a mixologist repertoire. So perhaps in seltzer water with some alcohol? I decided, later on, to also make an orange based shrub because I had tangerines and I also added slices of ginger. I feel that one is more likely to taste good.

I found a good article about making a shrub on one of my favorite websites and will add that information here in a link:


I think we all need to experiment with new tastes and new ways of preserving food. I know that spring is here and there are months of lovely seasonal fruits waking up to the Ontario sunshine and they will arrive in a few months. How exciting! So much to look forward to and plan for.

As I get older and realize my seasons diminish I look forward to each spring with excitement, you should too, they are not endless so each is precious and should be savored. Yummy peaches and pears and apples and strawberries and raspberries fresh and warm from the fields.


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