Food In Jars Challenge

Food In Jars Challenge

When you are blessed ( like myself ) and retire early you will be able to do all manner of things you always wanted to do. I am fascinated by anything related to food, food storage, and old preservation techniques--not to mention gardening and cooking as well. You will notice that it all relates. From seed to jar in a way. It never occurred to me that this knowledge would likely help me stretch my food dollars in my old age.

These preserving skills have slowly started disappearing because of modern times and how few of us are on the land anymore. Our young do not have someone to pass down the knowledge even for basics, like cooking. I was not blessed to have a matriarch to teach me canning or other preserving methods so I have had to find a path on my own. I learned safe canning technique's for both water bath and pressure canning. I have studied fermentation and make, for example, sourdough regularly. I love kefir and make my own yogurt and recently cheese and sour cream. I love dehydrating and make many powders from vegetables and fruit for cooking. In time I will buy a Freeze Dryer and begin that journey as well. How cool will that be?

In January, Food In Jars author, Marissa McClellan started a challenge for this year 2017. I was late to the party but caught in February with her salt preservation challenge. I made the Vegetable Stock Concentrate. It was so easy to make and delicious. I later dehydrated it and made it into a powder that I have since used many times. I put it in soups, sauces, and even burgers and meatloaf.

To my great surprise, and delight, I was recognized on her website along with many other for that post. That is what prompted me to start this blog. If I am going to be on social media and I can get an honorable mention I should also have a place where I discuss my endeavors outside of Facebook.

Here is the link to her challenge:


  1. After you made it, how did you do the dehydrating? I would love to do this and have some ready when my Mom comes home this spring she and I would love it!!!!! Like your blog!!!!

  2. Hi Terri

    I have a small Nesco dehydrator. It has five shelves and I also have two jelly roll trays. I placed the wet soup concentrate on a jelly roll tray and I dehydrated it for about 11 hours. Then I made it into a powder in my coffee grinder. It is very tasty. I hope that is what you needed to know. The dehydrator can be purchased from amazon for around 35.00


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