Kitchen Talk

Have a seat in my kitchen and let's talk. Today I would like to tell you about what I see with my eyes when I go shopping.

I am a cook. A pretty good cook from what I am told. I do not generally plan ahead for the meals I am going to make, I store things. I can seasonal product, I dehydrate food, and I freeze food, especially protein (which when I can, I buy in bulk).

Yes, fresh produce is a regular purchase for me but I veer sideways some days depending on the season and the price of that produce. Last week I saw peppers on sale as well as apples and mushrooms. I purchased two bags of peppers because they can cost a fortune at this time of year. I once paid 2.00 for one pepper just so I could make Fajitas.

Our meals this week will be predicated on this sale merchandise. I can not possibly eat all the peppers fresh so I will use them like this:

1. Dehydrate quite a few
2. Make jelly from some, for the Food In Jars March Challenge
3. I will make Chicken Cattachorri with some because that meal tastes better with fresh pepper
4. I could easily stuff the peppers and either bake them or freeze them for future meals, like the one below.

With the mushrooms:

1. I will add them to an omelet
2. I decided to make Beef Bourguignon with most of them today in the slow cooker As in the picture below

With the bag of apples:

1. I will make apple scrap jelly probably, again with the challenge in mind
2. I will make applesauce for my daughter who loves it
3. I may steam them and make apple juice for jelly. I have not made up my mind yet.

So as you see, what I cook depends on what I find and what price I can garner. If you would like a recipe from any of the things I mention then just message me. Until I am used to how blogging works, I will approach it as I did my Facebook Page. Ask and you shall receive.


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