Pineapple Jelly Made with Pomona's Pectin

I decided to make more Jelly for the challenge. I watched a live stream by Marisa and she made it from tart cherry juice and said it can be made from any store bought juice sugarless and organic being the best. I was at the store and saw the tart cherry and bought it but also saw pineapple juice. I love pineapple anything so I decided to make pineapple jelly.

Marisa mentioned her preference for Pomona's Pectin and I happen to have some in my cupboard. It lasts forever if properly stored. Surprisingly it is not easily found in the markets in Canada. I had to research to find a store locally that carried it and it turns out it is a health food store. I now have an order in for 228-gram bag. I shall not be short of this marvel again for quite some time.

Pomona Pectin also allows for a set in your jams and jellies with much less sugar,  in some cases no sugar,  and as I am diabetic that makes me happy. This marvelous pectin also allows you to double the recipe easily.

I hope you try it. I am told guava is delicious in jelly, my friend Jennifer Shambrook recommended it to me. Jennifer has many canning books on the market. I recommend them one and all.

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