Fresh Handmade Angel Hair Pasta in a Lemon Cream Sauce

I wanted to show you my hand cut angel hair fresh pasta in a Lemon cream sauce. I made the pasta from scratch on the counter just like we learned in school, then I rolled it into sheets using my kitchen aid pasta roller attachment then I cut the pasta by hand. It was so cool to experiment and have it turn out so well and pretty to boot.

I was trying to not use any cutting tools just the roller so you can see you do not need to invest hundreds of dollars in equipment just to make simple things. I do not want to tell you-you can do something unless I can do it successfully myself. I also video taped it for posting on YouTube. My daughter has been pushing me to do that for quite a few years. So I am doing what I am told. 

Here is the recipe I used. It is my own version of one my teacher used in class:
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour - sifted
1/2 cup corn meal
3 eggs
Salt to taste
A few teaspoons water

Combine either in a food processor or by hand. I did it by hand as I was making a video. You make a well in the middle and add the eggs and a little salt around the rim and then begin swirling in the eggs to the flour. My teacher at college did it with his fingers, no forks for him. You may need to add a few drops of water. I do mean drops, not too much, as you go. It will seem dry and uncooperative at first, just persist and coax it together. Flour and water and eggs are like a stubborn woman sometimes, just be gentle and sweet and firm and she will yield eventually. Bread is the same when you make it by hand, be gentle and warm and persistent and it will come together. Ask this old lady who was so coaxed by a much younger man to marry him ( deep sigh and smile ) 20 years ago, and our 19-year-old daughter is now helping me in the kitchen.

This recipe made enough pasta to feed five people. I made a cream lemon sauce for the pasta to play in. Here is that recipe:

2 lemons- juiced and skin grated ( no white pith ) 
1 cup cream - I used 35%
Pepper- a lot of pepper, pasta loves pepper in this recipe

Juice the lemons, after skinning them. Add cream to a pot and bring to a small boil with the lemon rinds and pepper and salt. After it boils turn it off. Boil the pasta till almost done. Add the pasta and the cream together in a pot and warm back up, add lemon juice a little at a time. It will thicken. When done ( a few minutes ) serve with a sprinkle of parsley I would have preferred fresh but I used dry.

I feel this pasta could easily be served as a main meal with a salad. It is creamy and delicious and filling. The best part is it is possible to make all most entirely by hand. 

Below is the pasta with Pork tenderloin, asparagus, and sweet glazed carrots: 


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