Farro is Italian for Ancient Grains

I am always looking for new ways to eat better, healthier meals. I recently saw a post by "Proud Italian Cook" that extolled farro as an excellent addition to a salad. Farro is the Italian word for ancient grains. This lovely lady has several recipes for using farro I highly recommend.

I happened to be going to the bulk store to purchase some quinoa and buckwheat flour for my gluten free pasta experiments, when low and behold I saw farro. I purchased 2 cups. As they say, the rest is history. I adore the flavor and the texture. I will be making this as often as I can. It was very easy to cook. Just boil in two times the water that you are making in farro with salt for 30 minutes. I think one cup is plenty for a family of four in a salad. I paid 3.37 dollars for the two cups of organic farro. Then cool and add to whatever you fancy. I can see so many possibilities, my friends, I would add this to rice and cook them together. I would love it with summer vegetables, it is so tasty and so versatile.

Today I made my DD a panini bun with ham and swiss cheese. I added the salad on the side and she just loved it.

I am adding a link to an article about farro in case you would like to read more on the subject:



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