Reassemble at your own risk

Reassemble at your own risk

That is what should have been put on a label and stamped to my butt. Why, you will ask? Because life is going to smash what you thought was your sandcastle and you better be ready to build another one, a better one, a stronger one but one you accept will be destroyed sooner or later. Oh, and then you have to start again. Unless it was your last sandcastle then you can only sit down and enjoy the sunset and the waves.

Each time we recreate ourselves after devastation, loss, despair, betrayal, and disappointment we have an open invitation to make something new, not keep the old. That one jewel of knowledge has escaped me for many decades, sixty to be exact. 

Know this for sure, you have no choice. You will be looking ahead or behind and striving to achieve goals you--or more likely someone else--set for you and you will slam to a halt because yes, you need to reassemble everything.

So if that is true then reassemble something new, better, stronger, happier, optimistic, compassionate, an example of what a magnificent human can be. 

It does not matter how horrible this world actually looks and feels it is an insane place and we have to believe in sanity and love, and strive to create it in every moment of everyday so it can come into reality through us. 

If you don't believe me answer this: How much of a difference can one word make? How much of a difference does one kind touch make even and especially if it is from a stranger? One act of kindness? Not an action from you at a time of deep duress but in your moments of bliss and stability when the effort to share a shard of your sanity can save a life. Or a moment of clarity for a friend. It does not, my friends, need to be more than that and the ripple of this can change how someone else reassembles themselves.

Now you will have to excuse me while I take a moment to bask in a moment of quiet where nothing needs to be reassembled because--watch out--each time I get better, there is a risk I will make more who think the same way. 


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