Diabetes, Dieting, and Cooking Low Glycerin Foods

Tilapia with Romaine lettuce, Avacado salsa, creamed cauliflower, and 1/3 cup basmati rice:

There is never a time when you are prepared for a medical diagnosis of diabetes. There is never a time you are ready for any medical diagnosis of a chronic disease. I was in my early fifties when suddenly a routine yearly checkup showed elevated sugar levels and a few tests later I was pronounced diabetic. I was taken completely by surprise. I mean I knew I was fat, and needed to loose weight, but DIABETIC because of it? The world spun on and on. I had a seven-year-old daughter, I did not have time to be ill.  Diabetes is like a slow moving caterpillar it gets worse and worse and all you can so is manage it.

Right after I was diagnosed I went to the diabetic educational seminars that we have here in Canada and which we can attend for free because we have universal healthcare and that is where I met my current nutritionist Debbie and also a nurse.

I remember being shocked at the information shared in those classes. I realized then that had I not gone to diabetes school, as I call it, I'd likely have dismissed the dangers and swallowed the pills and continued on thinking that would be the end of it. Well no it is, and was, only the beginning of an ongoing struggle to eat right and loose weight ( not something I have managed yet ) and exercise and hope the drugs you take can offset the slow progression of the disease.

Frankly, it's quite an adjustment. It has been 10 years now. I still see Debbie thank goodness and she guides me through the trenches. Recently things took a turn for the worse and that was due to a butt load of stress all at once when we suddenly lost my father in law. My numbers soared and now I am looking at more medical intervention to stabilize my sugar. Last week I called Debbie's office and begged for an appointment as I knew my previous days sugar numbers indicated a train wreck on its way. Debbie looked at my logs and held her head in her hands, that's when I knew. The end result is, I am starting over with a food journal and monitoring my reactions to my meals before and after for a month. Debbie looks like wonder woman, cape and all. When she took the time to type a rudimentary diet sheet I knew she was my hero and me her minion :)

Why the story? Well, it's time to completely change my diet. Trust this old lady when she says I have tried them all. Trust me when I say I love food. I love shopping for it, cooking it and eating it. That is why I went to Culinary College at the age of sixty-one and graduated with honors. I think it would be a good idea to share the changes I make in my diet with you. It will keep me focused and honest. It may also help some of my friends.

I started the next day. It is now day three and my numbers are still high but much better and I have lost a little weight.  Above is my dinner from last night. Very low on the glycemic scale and it showed in my numbers.


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