Cuban Sandwich

The first step is to make fresh bread. I am lucky that I can make it easily and I have the time. I know many do not. However, when you can, you should.

Then I made the sandwich as it was outlined in the Ball Book. I was looking forward to trying the pickled peppers and onions I made yesterday. They are better after a few weeks on the shelf marinating but I was impatient.

Now to put them on the Panini Press and toast them up. I made three for the four of us because in spite of the amount I make we seldom consume gluttonous amounts. Otherwise, I would be as big as a house, well bigger than I am now anyway.

It was delicious. Everyone liked it and I was asked to make it again. Summer is coming so I will be happy for a meal not cooked on the stove. I would adjust a few things. I would like to try with some Bick's pickles instead, and maybe my own pork roast.

This is a keeper, my friends.


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