Wrap It Up - Excellent Meal Alternatives

I have become a wrap aficionado. I first came to understand the beautiful taste and value of a proper wrap when I came across a Gyro Wrap in one of our local small food vendor stalls. It was huge and filled with crisp crunchy lettuce and a slather of hummus. It had less meat than one would expect. It also contained deep fried wrap pieces that the owner confessed to me, he likes to add because he can use leftover wraps and deep fry them and break them into small pieces for the meals the next day.

I made this today. It has a Mango Pineapple Salsa, one slice of deli ham, and lots of shredded romaine lettuce.

For me, the first bite told me the whole story. So wonderful. Since then I make wraps for myself quite often. I enjoy it with any salsa I can conjure from scraps in the fridge. I love to have it with lettuce sliced thin, and mayonnaise smeared on the wrap edge when I have it available. I think it is basically a perfect salad, wrapped up for hand consumption. I add little pieces of deli meat if I have it too.

I think this wrap is excellent with leftover meats from dinner. Like a warm wrap with fried onions, shredded beef, and sweet peppers. There are so many ways to make this meal other than Burittos, please try some. I have mine with whole wheat tortillas from Walmart, they have 3 grams of fiber in each and a small amount of sugar.


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