Homemade Mac & Cheese - Easy and Better Than from a Box

Who does not love Mac and Cheese? Well, I always have. I remember the boxed type well. I use to use it back in the day. Then I educated myself and realized I was not helping my children by using it when I could make a cheese sauce and add the pasta just as easily.

Today my daughter asked me to make Mac for lunch. I decided to make it and put it in ramekins so I can chill some in the refrigerator for later and then fry it up with tomato sauce and see how that works out. I had some shrimp in the freezer and wanted to try some for myself. I see a lot of seafood incorporated into cheese pasta on the food channel. I think scallops or lobster would work better. Shrimp was good but took away from the cheese flavor.

I make a basic white roux, melt various cheeses into the roux, and then add the pasta. It was wonderful.


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