White Fish and Fajita Vegetables in Lemon - A Perfect Fish Taco

I am looking for a way to be able to eat more fish and vegetables. So I went to the local frozen food store and found some wonderful bags of frozen vegetables. One of the bags was Fajita style vegetables.

I defrosted the small pieces of Haddock. I grumbled when I opened the package and saw how small the portions are getting these days. I remember when one fillet would feed two people. Anyway:

I lightly floured the fillets and went to fry them in a little oil and butter. Then they came apart. In chunks. So I finished frying them in little chunks. It does not take long. I had already blanched the vegetables to save time I added them to the pan, and they released some liquid into the fish butter. I took out a lemon and added its juice and folded it all into a nice pile.

I took a bite and decided this was the most scrumptious fish I have had in years. It will be on the "diet" menu from now on.

Let me know if you make it. I think you will be very happy. This recipe begs for adaptations, so get busy and let me know.


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