Stir-fry Rice - Delicious & Helps You Eat More Vegetables

I made a chicken tofu stir-fry last night for dinner:

 I use this meal to clear the freezer, the fridge, and use up leftovers.

I make a lot of chicken broth in my pressure cooker and I use chicken thighs when I do because they are easy to debone after the broth has cooked. I make a chicken soup from some of the broth and meat and then I freeze the remainder of the meat for stir-fry and other future meals.

I always have vegetables in the fridge crisper that can be used in this meal, and if not I always make sure I have frozen bags of mixed vegetables. I took some frozen stir-fry vegetables and some frozen peas out. I also took out frozen cooked chicken thighs. I had a few handfuls of spinach in the fridge I used as well.

Then I made a giant omelet and cut it up after cooking like this:

I found some tofu as well in the fridge that I quickly baked in cubes with a sesame seed and soy sauce dredge. Again, this was in the fridge and needed using up. I chopped some green onions to combine after all the ingredients were warm through, just before serving.

The biggest job about this meal is just collecting the additions ( everything except the rice )  and adding them first to the pan or pot. Add a nice bit of hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, soy sauce, and cook it till warmed through. Add some sesame oil. Now add the cooled rice and stir till nicely combined.

I serve it on a large platter and let everyone serve themselves. You can then make a nice salad for a side. This meal works with any shredded meat. If you have a crowd you could always make a nice sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour meat balls to accompany it.


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