The Blessing of Friends, Farms, Ducks and Chickens ( Egg Bliss )

These are Duck Eggs. They are much larger and have a thicker shell than chicken eggs. They are mostly yolk and rich beyond imagining. They are not easy to find and I happily wait for the season when my friend's ducks provide a few for my blissful consumption. Many people have asked me if they taste different than chicken eggs and I would have to say no. They are much richer because of their larger yolk. Duck Eggs are also more alkaline and therefore, in my opinion, better for you. If you bake they provide a richer end product. If you use them in pasta the fresh pasta has a deeper yellow colour. In short, I love them. I'd eat them exclusively if it were possible.

I will never be able to extol the endless joy I get visiting my friend Anita Broenink on her farm. It's like taking a chill pill. Just the drive there relaxes me:

Then the bliss of visiting such an amazing lady and to exchange thoughts on food and gardening and, well, talking about everything of value to us:

Women love to talk, we need to talk. Not because we need things solved by anyone, but because we get to know ourselves better through sharing our thoughts with other women we treasure and respect. I always wait to hear my own answer to my own question when I can finally have a meaningful conversation because it inevitably comes. It is as I always say to my DH being a man he wants to solve it for me, I tell him, I talk about it to see if what I have decided feels right, and by the end of a conversation, I always know if the shoe fits or not.

I was able to acquire Duck Eggs on the farm, they are the elixir of yellow yolks and sunshine. I also was able to get chicken eggs, beautiful chicken eggs fresh from the coop, taken from the happy free safe chickens. Ah, life is blissful, and then you have eggs :)


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