Frittata and All Its Variations - Dinner in a Jiffy

Dinner can be a cook's greatest challenge, especially when you are tired or stressed or you worked all day and your family is on the couch when you get home expecting "Chef Mom" to don her chef's hat and miraculously produce a masterpiece. Worse yet, they can't be bothered to eat it or even appreciate it. I remember it clearly.

I have been cooking for my family most of my life from the time I was 12 years old. My mom worked at the time and insisted I prepare the food in advance of her arriving home. So I'd peel potatoes and prepare pork chops etc. and wait till she came in the door. Eventually, I made it all instead of waiting. It was good and bad because I should have been outside playing. I also cleaned the house and took care of my two younger siblings. I did not appreciate that job either. Those days things were different, children had to help. Television was a one-hour-a-day prize if you behaved.

Nowadays I find dinner a challenge because I am older and I get tired easier. I also have very spoiled family members that are very selective about what they will eat. I love my little troupe so I make what they want, like a restaurant.

Today I made a Frittata with peppers and onions and meatballs. It was delicious and easy to make.

First I browned the peppers and onions and took two frozen meatballs out to defrost and added them to the bottom of a baking dish with a small amount of grated cheese. You can put anything in a frittata that you have leftover in the fridge, but it should be cooked before hand. Like the peppers are better slightly browned, and the meatballs were cooked. Deli meats would work well. Ham, bacon, beef, chicken or vegetables only.

Then I used 6 eggs and about 2 cups of milk and beat it together. I added salt, pepper, and some dehydrated vegetable stock concentrate powder. Then poured the milk over the peppers, meat, and cheese.

I placed the dish in the over at 350* for 60 minutes.

So delicious, so fast, so easy, and everyone will enjoy with a nice salad.


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