Glazed Carrots - Oblique Cut

The shape of a food makes a difference on the plate and with your eyes.  That is why we pay so dearly at our favorite restaurant for a plate of overpriced fancy small portioned fixins.

When I was in school we cut carrots into all manner of shapes, but my favorite was an oblique. It was fast to cut and cook and pleasing on the plate. 

It was really good in a sweet glaze. So I would parboil the carrots till they had a slight give and then add them to a pan with a little butter and sugar and finish them there. I use the portions of one tablespoon butter and a teaspoon sugar. Add the butter to the pan and melt then add the sugar at medium heat ( do not burn the sugar ) and let the sugar melt. Then add the carrots and let them slowly caramelize. It is a delicious way to have them. You can garnish with a little parsley flake covering. 

Here they are with some french beans and Pork Tenderloin:

Here is a link to the video I made showing you how to cut the oblique shape:                                            


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