Steamed Chicken in the Instant Pot - How Many Delicious Meals Will One Chicken Make?

I have made this before as a test using a small chicken as I did this time, but I made it Indian style with garlic ginger paste and chili.

This time I want a plain flavorful chicken I can eat right out of the pot, yet has many options for leftovers. This is my recipe. It is made with consideration skewed towards a nice sauce that is more of a concentrate. That then can be converted to a soup and or gravy, or both.

I will break the bird up after it is steamed. Then I will make a mashed potato chicken pot pie with some of the meat, chicken fried rice with another portion of meat, and I will use the bones for additional broth if I deem them viable. I am thinking perhaps of making chicken soup using the bones right away since the pot is available and I have lots of vegetables cut already. The dinner you see above used some of the chicken as well a day later.

I made a short tutorial video for my "Instant Pot  6- favorite recipes Series." I hope you like it.

Ingredients (I use a 6 quart Instant Pot):

One whole small chicken - 2-3 pounds
2 celery cut into large chunks
1 large carrot cut the same size
1 large white onion quartered
8 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon Better Than Bullion chicken paste
1 teaspoon soft butter
Salt and pepper to taste
4 cups of water


Clean chicken. Mash the butter and bullion paste together. Cover the chicken with the paste, insert some in the cavity and under the skin if you can.  Salt and pepper the skin. Place the chicken on a trivet. Place the cut vegetables on the bottom of the Pressure cooker and then add the chicken on the trivet over the vegetables. Add the 4 cups of water. I rinsed the bowl I had mixed the butter and bullion paste with the water so I did not waste any flavor, then added that water to the pot as well.

Close the lid. Seal the lid. Manual pressure for 25 minutes. Natural release for 25 minutes.


~ Hugs From Mum


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