Pressure Cooking Fresh Beets

I love beets fresh from the garden and pressure cooked. It is delicious to have some sliced on a sandwich. As I am Danish, I love it on liver paste or on a roast beef sandwich.

I have been pressure cooking them for years but now with my Instant Pot, its a snap to make them--so simple, so good, so fast. Once they are in the cooker with some water and the lid is secured, you can relax. The rest is the cooker's job.


3 large beets - note that these were three very large beets
2 cups of water


1. Wash the fresh beets, remove the stems with the leaves. I leave the rest on as you will see in the video above.
2. Place 2 cups of water in the pressure cooker.
3. Place the washed beets in the cooker.
4. Secure the lid and seal the vent.
5. Set to 25 minutes.
6. After the time is up, let the pressure cooker have a natural release. Usually, it is the same amount of time as the cooking time. I let mine go longer because I lost track of time.
7. After the pressure is released, remove the lid carefully away from your face, test the beets for softness.
8. Using tongs, take out the beets and let cool.
9. Peel the beets using gloves. The juice stains anything it touches so be careful.
10. Slice or cube to your desired shape.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

~ Hugs from Mum


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