Beef Wrap on Fresh Roti - Halloween Dinner

Knowledge is only as good as how far it travels
~ Cookin Mum 2017

I chose a global language when I started my food blog this year. I only began the blog because my daughter recommended I do so and because I wanted a better place to display my entries into the food-in-jars 2017 challenge. Well, it turned out to be a wonderful idea. I had no idea how much enjoyment it would bring me. A picture of a beautiful plate of food speaks to everyone, it needs no translation or explanation. I am so grateful to be able to mentor you with my cooking knowledge. I guess you could say I am casting my knowledge as far as it will travel.

Remember when I made the slow cooked beef on Sunday, as the addition for my Halleem lentil dinner?

Well, the first picture of the beef wrap is one of the two leftover meals I made with it. Yesterday my beloved family had beef and rice for supper. I had fish. No wonder I have so many photos of food, I make two to three different dinners every day. What a blessing to be retired, able to cook, eat, drink, and play.

In the above photograph, I was getting ready for the Halloween onslaught of adorable children coming to the door all dressed in cute little costumes. I get all twisted up with excitement and delight just thinking about it. Suddenly I felt light headed and knew I forgot to eat dinner. I ran to the fridge and found the beef, salsa, ginger, parsley, and a roti granny had sent over. Voila, a beef wrap from fridge scraps. I'm smiling because it was delicious. When I finished plating it I realized it was pretty, so off to the dining table it went for a picture (with my witch hat and spider ring). Cute, right?

I was so happy this year we had over 60 children come by to scare us. I had my little mouse outside with me in her Halloween outfit. Below is her picture from last Christmas when she was very perturbed about these unflattering gift from my in-laws.

This morning I was delighted and shocked when I received a comment on Instagram from Italy about the beef roll, I almost dropped my smartphone. I had to ask my daughter how to translate the message so I could respond. It tickled me pink. I'm really that relic you laugh at who has no clue how the social media universe works. The point is, as I started out saying:

Knowledge is only as good as how far it travels. Somehow my Halloween beef roll traveled to Italy. I'm so excited!

~ Hugs From Mum


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