Oven Roasted (Sun-Dried) Tomatoes

Well, these turned out perfect ** sighs **. Sometimes I am amazed at how much joy and happiness a few pounds of tomatoes can bring me. I did a full sheet tray and a quarter sheet tray. It took 5 hours at 300 degrees. I found that half way I needed to carefully flatten them with a spatula--be careful they squirt!--and then they cooked down the last bit much easier. I would not flatten sooner, however, because rushing these would not have the same effect.

I cut the Roma tomatoes in half and placed them on parchment cut side up. I salted them and drizzled with olive oil. I also added powdered cumin to some and some fresh thyme to others. I did not add garlic to any because I find the garlic burns in the long, slow bake.

This is the recipe I based mine on:


My hubby loves these on a salad or by them selves as a side. I have frozen in small portions in the past and used them on pizza, as well as in sauces. I think I will make barbecue sauce with some of these this year. I love small summer flavor blasts on hand stored away for winter. That is what these are, home made flavor blasts.

~Hugs from Mum


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