Deconstructed Bacon Cheese Burger

I made smash-burgers last night. My household has fallen for these simple beef paddies. I will add a link to the post I did about making them here:

I like to avoid carbs after three in the afternoon. I have seen improvement in my health since I started this way of eating. I have found it very hard to relinquish carbs, especially bread. I am a bread person--well, I am a carb person. I'll take a plate of pasta anytime I can get it. I have also had to invent ways to still enjoy things I love to eat while streamlining the amount of cooking I do every day. This meal was a winner for all the above reasons.

I made the burgers on the barbeque on a flat grill I have. I then plated the salad and crumbled the burger over the salad and added the cheese bacon and condiments over that. It was beautiful to look at and delicious.

I recently showed some of my pictures of my meals to my diabetes counsellor and she was very impressed with how appetising and on "plan" they were. Her remark was that many of her patients can not figure out what to eat when they have to change their lifestyle, and they are not happy. She said she wishes she could show them my pictures so they could see it is possible to still eat delicious things that are satisfying.

~ Hugs From Mum


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