Pickled Peppers and Onions

The Ball Book is a safe canning book. This what it looks like:

I think that when I tell you to only use safe sources for canning I should also tell you what they are. This book is one of them.

On page 215 there is a recipe for Pickled Peppers and Onions and below that is a recipe which is the example of using them. It is a recipe for a Cuban Sandwich. I decided with the sale on Peppers this week this was another excellent use of an economical product. I will add a jar or two to my daughters birthday basket of goodies.

I am really happy that the new Ball Book has a lot of recipes that make 4-6 jars of goodies. In the old books, it seemed like you needed 20-40 pounds of something to make a recipe. When I was first starting out learning how to can and pickle, I made way to many jars of food. In some cases, we did not like the taste, in other cases, we did not eat it all in the one-year time allotment. However let us face it when you are learning and no one can let you taste a small sample of something, then you follow the recipe and that is all there is. I had a lot of fun. Tables covered in tomatoes. I love tomatoes. But really there are only three of us at home, what was I thinking?

The smell of Tomatoes cooking for tomato sauce is bliss. I have adjusted my canning frenzies since then. These days I find I can make 2 bushels and freeze most of it in completed sauce or salsa form. The recipes I make that way can not be canned and lend themselves well to the freezer. 

Well here is a picture of the finished Peppers all hot and bubbling from the canner. The recipe made five pints.