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Fall-Apart Ribs: The Simplest Thing Ever - "May's Ribs"

I was freezer diving and found ribs. My dearest daughter said she'd like to have some. I thought it was a good idea to teach her my method, simple as it was, for fool-proof fall-off-the-bone ribs.

My dear friend named them "May's Ribs" and she has been making them ever since she came to my house and I made them for her, so 40 years or so ago.

This is a half a rack. It works the same no matter the size of the rack, or how many you put in the oven.

You will need thick foil. There is a foil available like that and if you don't have it double the foil layer.


1 rack of ribs
BBQ sauce of your preference


1. Clean the rib from debris. Rince it. Then remove the silver skin on the inner side of the rack. It does not taste good and it makes the ribs curl.

2. Get a baking tray and place foil on the tray. Then place the ribs on the foil. Careful not to puncture the bottom of the foil.

3. Place the ribs presentation side up, the rounded …

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