I Can't Believe I Have Not Posted My Fabulous Banana Bread!

When you have seven bananas ready to be thrown out, save them in the freezer, or better yet make this two loaf recipe for banana bread. It has been hailed as the best banana bread by my followers on Facebook. 

You can add walnuts or chocolate chips if you like. Today I am making banana muffins with this recipe. So far I have twenty-four in the oven and an extra loaf in the second oven.


7 very ripe bananas mashed with a fork
1 cup butter, melted
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
4 cups flour
1 cup chopped walnuts


Preheat the oven to 325F.

Using a hand mixer or wooden spoon, cream together butter and bananas in a large mixing bowl. Add eggs one at a time, beating them in one at a time. Stir in the vanilla, then the sugar. Sift the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking soda ) into the mixture, then stir in the chopped pecans. Do not overmix the batter.

Pour the batter into two well-greased loaf pans and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let cool on a rack.

Muffins take 35 minutes in my oven.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. It freezes really well, so why not make two loaves and freeze one. 

~ Hugs from Mum


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